Kitchener Wedding Photography |Megan and Tyler


Kitchener Wedding Photography |Megan and Tyler:

Last weekend, I had the chance to enjoy another enchanting couple celebrate their love for each other at a truly unique ceremony. Held at the Cambridge Mill, one of my favourite locations for a wedding, Megan and Tyler were warm and welcoming just as the sun was on that day.

Just before the ceremony began, the couple decided to do something unconventional. Megan was going to reveal herself in full wedding regalia to Tyler before the ceremony began! You could almost feel Tyler’s heart beating! He waited patiently with his back to the double doors as Megan approached him from behind. Tyler’s anxiety nearly overwhelmed him before the big moment, with him almost needing to find a bathroom! Thank goodness a bit of sun and wonderful food do the body good!

An excellent spread that included some mouth-watering prime rib was served for dinner. Delicious! But no big day is complete without a few miss queues! As the wedding party assembled for a large group shot on the stairs outside that didn’t quite pan out, just because there were so many of them! Once the ceremony concluded and the festivities were about to begin, I noticed a stellar opportunity. The sun was setting at the perfect angle and I used the natural beauty of the moment to develop some excellent shots for the couple right after their first dance. Overall, the afternoon and evening was an enormous success that came out looking as good as Megan did in the stunning gown!

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