Kitchener Wedding Photography |Meghan and Peter


Kitchener Wedding Photography | Meghan and Peter:

On a wistful Saturday afternoon before the month of May came to a close, I was able to spend my day shooting for an enchanting couple at the Scottish Rite Masonic lodge in Hamilton, Ontario.

I was taken aback by the gallantry of the space right off of the bat. I was able to glance at the wonderful tapestries that depicted scenes of nature. All hand crafted and dating back at least 200 years, they were breathtaking to say the least. The bride, Meghan, met me near the blissful artwork and showed me into the cathedral for the wedding ceremony. Gothic arches lined corridors as we proceeded towards a dome shaped room that housed a hand crafted altar. Stunning would be an understatement.

I was able to capture a series of eye catching shots that perfectly incapsulated the spirit and grandeur of the event. Meghan was sporting a gown that is only rivalled by Cinderella herself. The whole essence of the passionate union between Meghan and Peter could be described as a fairy tale.

It’s nice to take time out of your working day to appreciate the beautiful things in life; and this wedding delivered on that front. Relive the aesthetic pleasure of that day with me with the several images that I have released for your enjoyment and mine!

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