Kitchener Wedding Photography |Wedding Photography Tips


Kitchener Wedding Photography |Wedding Photography Tips:

Planning a wedding can really be a pain! I’m in the middle of planning one as we speak. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to try and keep things smooth when it comes down to wedding photography:


Plan Ahead:

Make sure you take the time to meet with your photographer or videographer and really put together a solid plan. Knowing how the day is going to flow is key. Ask your photographer if they have scouted the locations you talk about for the big day and make sure to double check if there are any other events being held on the same date, Nothing worse than showing up to have your photos take and there is an unexpected tent sale!


Back up Locations:

If you have picked some outdoor locations it is strongly advised to consider a back up. Mother nature has a way of ruining a good time and turning a beautiful location into a disaster. Try and look around your local are for something indoors, if you can’t find anything then certainly come prepared with some umbrellas for you and the wedding party. These images represent the most important day of a couples lives, the last thing you want is to miss out on photos because of a little rain.


Know what you are getting:

There are a ton of different wedding photography packages and a lot of photographers offer different things. one of the most common questions I get is how many images will i receive? This is a tough question to answer. Some photographers will hand over every single image they take (not very common) But most photographers have a certain number in their mind. For me that number sits around  three hundred images processed in colour and in black & white. Have you considered albums?  did you know the average Hard drive or usb stick lasts 10 years? This is why i offer High quality albums to every client, these albums should last you way longer than a usb stick or hard drive.  Please consider all aspects of your images before you decide I have seen way too many people regret their choices when it comes to their wedding photography and majority of these problems could have been avoided if they just asked the right question!

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